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Welcome to Oakdale Farms

Prior to starting his own business, Richard is the 4th generation to work for his family’s farm. Additionally, Marie grew up on her parents’ farm in Dighton. Richard’s and Marie’s daughter, Laura, and her husband, Mike, also work on the farm. And, now, the 6th generation… Mackenzie, Madison and her husband, Cody are keeping farm tradition..

Oakdale Farm’s agriculture program consists of summer and winter squashes, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, greens, pumpkins, hay, herbs, berries, apples, melons, stone fruits, and more.

Oakdale Farm is committed to growing produce using safe and environmentally safe practices. Our soil is amended with manure and natural minerals. We are very particular in our selection of heirloom, organic, and untreated seeds. Natural fertilizers are used to enrich the soil. Combining these growing methods, and an organic ethic is crucial for sustainable agricultural.

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